5-8 September, 2018

TUYAP Fair and Exhibition Center
Istanbul, Turkey

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Market overview

ColdChain Eurasia - Market Overview

A market for growth
  • A population of 76 million people and rising income levels
  • Changing consumer behaviour
  • Increasing demand for fresh, frozen and convenience foods
  • The penetration of cold chain usage for trucking and storage is lower than developed country standards
  • Companies operating their own cold chain are ready to outsource their inefficient, non-core business practice to specialists
Impressive statistics
  • USD 150 billion gross agricultural domestic product in Turkey
  • USD 40 billion agricultural exports
  • Becoming a top 5 world producer for agriculture
  • Ranks above EU countries for fisheries
  • A hub for USD 2 trillion worth of freight trade in the region
  • Logistics sector worth USD 80-100 billion, forecast to reach USD 108-140 billion by 2017
Committed to development
  • In 2012, Turkey adopted the Agreement on the International Carriage of Perishable Foodstuffs. This commits the country to improving and maintaining cold chain facilities to international standards
  • Tax incentives available for companies investing and improving standards in the cold chain

ColdChain Eurasia Image